Rental skis

Rental skis

A large choice of recent rental skis and snowboards, regularly and carefully maintained (our rental skis are back in repair shop after each rental and they are all offered with verified and waxed bases, and edges sharpened).

Skis Atomic Backland 107

Skis Atomic Backland 117

Skis Atomic Bent Chetler 100

Skis Atomic Bent Chetler 120

skis Atomic Bent Chetler mini

Skis Atomic Cloud 11

Skis Atomic Cloud 12

Skis Atomic Cloud 8

Skis Atomic Cloud 9

Skis Atomic D2 VF73

Skis Atomic Infamous

Skis Atomic Punx

Skis Atomic Punx 5

Skis Atomic Punx 7

Skis Atomic Redster G9

Skis Atomic Redster MX

Skis Atomic Redster S9

skis Atomic Redster Scandium

Skis Atomic Redster X5

Skis Atomic Redster X7

Skis Atomic Vantage 90 Ti

Skis Atomic Vantage 97 C

Skis Atomic Vantage 97 Ti

Skis Atomic Vantage Polarity

Skis Atomic Vantage w 85

Skis Atomic Vantage wmn 90 Ti

Skis Atomic Vantage X 74 w

skis Atomic Vantage X 75C

Skis Atomic Vantage X 80 w CTi

Skis Salomon Aira 76 CF

Skis Salomon Aira 76 ST R

Skis Salomon Aira 80Ti

Skis Salomon Aira 84Ti

Salomon Enduro LX 850 skis

Skis Salomon Kiana

Skis Salomon Luan

Skis Salomon Mtn Explore 88

Skis Salomon Mtn Explore 95

skis Salomon NFX

skis Salomon QST 106

skis Salomon QST 118

skis Salomon QST 85

Skis Salomon QST 85 Myriad

skis Salomon QST 92

skis Salomon QST 99

Skis Salomon QST92 Lux

Skis Salomon QST99 Lumen

skis Salomon S Max 6

skis Salomon S-Max 10

skis Salomon S-Max 12

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73320 TIGNES
Tel : 04 79 06 33 70
Fax : 04 79 06 41 49
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Online reservation Prices

- 30on all ski equipment rental prices

- 5% extra :

● For families of 4 or more

● For groups of 10 or more

● Between Jan5th and Feb 9th 2019

● After April 20th, 2019




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