Skiwear sale in TIGNES


Skiwear retail in TIGNES

  • A wide range of technical skiwear, warm, comfortable, waterproof and breathable.
  • Comfort and quiet of a large shop decorated in mountain style.
  • The welcome and the advice of a competent and friendly staff.


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Rigor and sophistication of a famous Austrian brand serving a range of great femininity.
Materials that combine flexibility and technical skills to ease and comfort whatever the weather.

vallon blanc vitrine vetements de skiKILLY

Le prestige d'un grand nom au service de la qualité

The prestige of a great name for the service quality.
A ski clothing line very technical : quality, comfort and impeccable finishes and a modern style inspired by timeless classics.
Treatment of fabrics and "smart" materials that fit the breathability of clothing climatic conditions (temperature and humidity) to ensure almost complete impermeability and breathability optimal.


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The quality and experience of a brand known for its technical clothing.

Eider-Tignes-1-s     vetements-eider-tignes-1s

vetements-roxy-tignes-1sROXY New this year!

A large range of technical, feminin and modern ski clothes.
Several different materials, textures and prints.
 vetement-ski-roxy-tignes-2s     vetement-ski-roxy-tignes-1s

 Quiksilver-tignes-1-sQUIKSILVER new this year!

   A maximum of colors and modernity for this collection of technical skiwear.
  Quiksilver-tignes-3-s    Quiksilver-tignes-2-s

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Quartier du Rosset
73320 TIGNES
Tel : 04 79 06 33 70
Fax : 04 79 06 41 49
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