Mountain bike rental

Mountain bike rental

All our downhill and freeride mountain bikes are rented with body protections : full face helmet, body armor, knee pads and gloves.
We propose 2 categories of adult mountain bikes and 3 categories of junior mountain bikes :
  • The downhill bikes have 200mm absorbers travel on the front and the back, to enable you to get more speed and absorbtion for the jumps, but also to provide you more comfort during your rides.
  • The endurobikes have 150mm travel front and back shock absorbers, they are more reactive but aborb a bit less the real big jumps or chocs.
  • For the juniors, the 100mm travel front and back of the absorbers correspond verywell to their small sizes (after 10 years usually).
The bike shop is opened from 9:00 to 12:30 the mornings and from 14:00 to 19:00 in the afternoon. The bikes must be returned before 17:30 in the evening.
The rent has to be paid as you get your bikes and protections and a bank card authorisation is required to garantee the rent.
And for those who want to rent several consecutive days the day prices get cheaper than 1 single day, and if you want to ensure that your bike is not stolen over night you can return the bikes to the shop every evening and collect it back the next morning.

The bike shop is opened from  9:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 à 19:00 and the bikes must be returned before 17:30.

If you wish to book bikes for 2 consecutive days or more, you can use the "contact" form : please precise :
  • The type of bikes.
  • The first and last day of rent and the number of consecutive days.
  • The approximate size and weight of every rider.
  • The place you wil be located in Tignes.
  • A phone number we can use to reach you as you are in Tignes.

Pour effectuer une réservation pour plusieurs jours consécutifs, utilisez le formulaire "contact" en précisant les dates de réservation souhaitée, la catégorie de VTT, et les tailles et poids des participants. Après confirmation de la disponibilité des Vélos, un chèque de confirmation de 20€ par vélo vous sera réclamé.

Pour effectuer une réservation à la journée et la demi-journée, nous vous remercions de bien vouloir nous rendre visite sur place en vous rendant au magasin lorsque vous arriverez sur TIGNES. Nous pourrons choisir ensemble sur place les vélos correspondants à vos besoins. Un chèque de confirmation de 20€ par vélo vous sera également réclamé.

Please note that we won't be able to answer your reservations between June 15th and June 30th, so please don't worry if you have no answer befor the beginning of July, we will answer as soon as possible !

For the half day rental, 2 options :
Small 1/2 day: Pick-up the bikes after 14:15 for the afternoon and return the bikes before 12:15 for the morning.
Long 1/2 dayPick-up the bikes at 12:15 for the afternoon and return the bikes at 13:45 for the morning.
The rental price is due in advance as you pick-up the bikes, and as a garantee we thank you to present a visa or mastercard for an pre-authorisation of the value of the bikes.
For several consecutive days, the prices are degressive and we prefer you to return the bikes every night at the shop so you make sure they can't get stolen. But it is possible to keep the bikes overnight at your own risk : we have no insurance to cover theft to propose for the bikes.
For less than 2 days, Bike booking is possible at the shop only, so please come and meet us at the shop as you are in Tgnes for that, and a deposit of 20€ / bike will be required.

VTT Disponible en tailles M et XL uniquement Tarifs de location 1 jour :
79.00 €

5 bikes availables size S, M and L - Rental price 1 day :

69.00 €

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